Today in the city Galt 25.06.2018

The Gold Price Breaks Below An Uptrend Line: How Are The Miners?

Here is a look at the recent action on the price chart of gold and of the price charts of select gold mining stocks.

What happens when you hold in your pee for too long

Everyone holds in their pee every now and then. And that's okay! Just don't do it too often, or it could lead to some serious problems down the road. Following is a transcript of the video. You’...

I Found The Palette Bella Hadid Uses To Get Her Red-Carpet Glow — & I'm Obsessed

I've always steered clear of sparkly makeup on principle. I like my bronzers matte and my highlighters dewy, no shimmer or strobing to be found. But recently, I've thrown caution to the wind and aband...

USA follow victory over Scotland with six-try beating of Canada

No8 Cam Dolan scores three tries in 42-17 victoryNova Scotia Test is Eagles’ eighth win in 2018The USA extended their record unbeaten run against Canada to nine Tests in the first rugby Test ever play...

There's a race to discover dark matter, and it's deep underground

In the heart of an Italian mountain, scientists are building a machine. Deep in a former gold mine, tucked in the Black Hills of South Dakota, another team is doing the same.They're looking for a sign...

Germany World Cup hopes kept alive

Toni Kroos kept the German dream of retaining the World Cup alive with his last-minute winner against Sweden that sent fans ecstatic. This was one man's reaction: "It's crazy! In the 95th...

James Woods Schools Arrogant SJW

OP: James Woods Teaches Arrogant SJW She Picked on the Wrong Conservative If you're a social justice warrior, it's probably for the best not to go up against James Woods. The veteran Hollywood actor h...

Tell Us How You Treated Yourself This Month

Inspire us! When you're stressed and busy, it's surprisingly easy to forget just how damn important it is to do nice things for yourself. So often our time, energy, and money... is a Singer-Songwriter With a Distinct Voice and a Genre-Defying Sound

Currently based in New York, introduces himself with two songs based around his memorable vocals.

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